Yoga for people that don’t do yoga

Victoria Wilson of Smile Revolution Yoga

Yoga for people that don’t do yoga

“But I can’t even touch my toes Victoria!” …was my response when my clearly much healthier, fitter and no doubt more bendy colleague Victoria Wilson, suggested that I would be a great ’test case’ for her Smile Revolution Yoga Zoom classes for dental folk.

Ok, so I don’t sit chairside for 8 hours a day, but I do sit at a desk, drive around quite a bit and contort myself into as aerodynamic a position as I can for around 8 hours a week, still hopeful that one day there will be a new ‘desk sitting nearly 50 something’ sub category for the Tour de France!

To say I was sceptical about yoga is an understatement. I had tried it once before and many years ago, in a real class with real people and frankly after one embarrassing session, I vowed never to even say the word yoga again. It seemed to me that yoga people were already yoga people and maybe they just wanted somewhere to show off their superior ability to bend and flex.

However, perhaps in part to the persuasiveness of Victoria and her reassurances,  I dived or perhaps I should say creaked my way into my first Zoom class about two months ago…and guess what, I stuck at it, and I have subscribed for more.  I’m still not sure why yoga people need a special mat, I don’t use one, I am not a yoga person but I do now do yoga!

Why? Well, as promised, it has made some improvements to my posture, lower back pain and it’s also a regular commitment to switching off from everything else (I do most of it now with my eyes closed) and let’s face it that’s always a good thing.

So, if you’re not into yoga, good, neither am I… see you there!

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