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Resolving Disputes

With Sheila Scott

Today’s commercial world creates ever more complex relationships, resulting in increasingly challenging situations. Consequently, business leaders need to continuously upskill, maintaining the ability to negotiate effectively, resolve conflicts quickly and to unlock the simplest solutions to collaborative working.

£1350/day or £700/half day including VAT

About the service

However, on occasion even the best of us find ourselves entangled in an uncompromising dispute. Feelings can run high, making mediation the only hope of finding an acceptable solution.

Wherever possible, mediation is designed to solve disputes within one day. The process remains entirely confidential and voluntary, aiming to avoid lengthy and costly legal battles.

Sheila Scott has been a qualified counsellor since 1994. After 18 years of applying her skills, she trained in Edinburgh to become an accomplished mediator.

Now, during either a full or half day, Sheila will guide you through the key principles of mediation, demonstrating how learning the skills required will greatly increase your capabilities.


Sheila has an MA in Psychology, and qualifications in Marketing, Counselling, Training and Mediation. She has been working with the dental profession since 1983, and as a dental consultant since 1989. Most of her work is driven by what patients have been telling her they want from practices since then. She is well known for her straight talking style, and for helping practices organise to prove their preventive, or health – focused approach to care. Once practices are delivering clear, ethical and comfortable dental care, it only takes an evidence based approach to pricing to ensure ongoing success and profit.

Her book ‘Putting Health at the Heart of your Practice’ (£13, published 2014 by Dental Protection Ltd and available on Amazon or  www.sheila-scott.co.uk) covers the main principles of her health focused approach

Sheila’s work has been driven by helping practices pay attention to their relationships with patients, and this has spread to helping build and maintain relationships with and within the team. Her seminal ‘Managing Difficult People (and Good Ones Too) courses with proactive employment lawyer Hayley Bloodworth have helped hundreds of managers and principals guide, direct, influence and motivate staff to higher performances and improved behaviours, without having to resort to discipline. Her incisive and focused approach to dealing with people problems give her an edge when involved in mediation or conflict resolution.

Sheila lectures regularly at home and abroad.


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