Dental Business Leadership & Development

If you are stuck, wondering how to ‘take your practice to the next level’, are planning an exit or sale, or even starting out on your dental business journey, then our leadership and business development coaching programme will help you.


Our coaching clients tell us that they value our approach because it produces successful and well managed dental businesses. Our coaching style will help you become a better dental business leader and it will develop your team.


Dental business leaders make better decisions: Better business results and better dental health for your patients.

with Kevin Rose

£700 – £1400 invluding VAT per month

Leadership & Business Development

ethical dental selling course
What to expect

If you are serious about developing your dental business, then we will work with you and your team to transform it. This will be through a combination of business and marketing planning, financial analysis, market research, leadership and team training.


We have been providing coaching services to dental business owners since 2009 and you will benefit from the proven structures and systems that we have been developing with our clients.

Is it right for you?

If you are looking for quick fixes and the next ‘get rich quick’ scheme in dentistry, then this isn’t for you. However, no matter where you are in your career, if you need help with piecing everything together, and you want to cut through all the nonsense and benefit from our width of perspective and depth of experience, then yes we can help you achieve what you really want.

How is it delivered and what can you expect?

6 days planned and scheduled in advance over 6 months, together with unlimited telephone and email access to Kevin or Jan.


We will create a specific 6 month programme for you and your dental business, that will include everything from our Club Connect leadership and business development programme but delivered on a one to one basis and including any required ‘non clinical’ training for you and your team.

What’s left out

Vague outcomes, blinkers and onerous contracts. This is about developing you and your team not ‘show and tell’.

What happens after 6 months?

You have the option of continuing the service and by reducing the monthly visits to every over month. The monthly fee is then reduced. We are delighted when our clients choose to do this, it happens a lot but either way we are happy, your’e the client.

What if you are starting out?

You have the option of continuing the service and by reducing the monthly visits to every over month. The monthly fee is then reduced. We are delighted when our clients choose to do this, it happens a lot but either way we are happy, your’e the client.


dental selling course

“Once I knew I was setting up a new dental practice, the first thing I did was engage the services of Rose & Co. They have understood me from day one, created my brand, website and helped out with my marketing. My regular coaching sessions get the best out of me and keep me on course. Club Connect workshops have developed my business skills, allowed me to learn from other practice owners and discuss ideas. Rose & Co. and the Club Connect members are part of my team too!”

Caroline Bell, Moreton-in-Marsh Dental

“It’s so easy to find yourself immersed in clinical courses and lose track of whats happening in your business. Kevin and the team have been brutally honest with me from day one and given me the kick up the backside that I really needed. The result has been to develop of all aspects of my practice and improve my confidence as a business owner.”

Matt Lawler, Peelhouse Dental Care

“I had the most cynical view of business consultants, until I began working with Rose & Co. They helped us introduce major organisational changes at a time when I needed help most. The outcome has been an over whelming success. With guidance, we created a leadership team and delivered the results that we planned for. Out of nowhere our meetings became productive, where we had struggled on our own, creating more time in our surgeries. The input from Rose & Co. cannot be over stated.”

Mark Willings, Horbury Dental Care & Implant Clinic
kevin rose dental business coach

Kevin had approximately 19.25 happy years of leading, financing and developing small businesses before he got bored for around 7 months and 12 days, threw away his ties and decided to ‘do something’ about dentistry when he noticed that his dentist didn’t have a website, seemed to make up his prices and never smiled.


Having interviewed hundreds of small business owners and set up businesses from scratch, he has a width of perspective and a depth of experience that he has been sharing in dentistry since 2009.


He has been steadily building a loyal group of clients and guiding them away from the painful mistakes that he has seen other regulated professions make. Through inspiration, direction and experience, he helps his clients lead successful dental businesses, with engaged teams and chairs full of loyal patients.


Over a period of seventeen years, Jan is credited with developing one of Edinburgh’s finest dental practices. She’s also been involved with the Denplan Excel quality assurance programme since its inception.


By ensuring compliance with the terms of this prestigious accreditation, Jan helps to guarantee that it continues to deliver comprehensive clinical governance, whilst remaining an invaluable compliance tool.


In 2006, Jan became one of Denplan’s frontline dental advisors, helping to support the business’s 6,500 members. She remained in this role after the acquisition by SimplyHealth, building on her already substantial knowledge.


Passionate about helping practice owners develop great futures, Jan’s also expert at ensuring they enjoy true work life balance.


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