Dr Pav Khaira

Dental Website Design in Surrey

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Dr Pavandeep Khaira is known to his patients just as Pav.  His passion for implant dentistry makes him a highly sought after surgeon, lecturer and mentor.  Pav is committed to educating himself to deliver cutting edge care.


As an associate dentist Dr Pav wanted a single page website to promote his associate dentist positions within 2 dental implant clinics in the Surrey area. We researched domain names, and came up with surreydentalimplants.co.uk.


Pav already had a very strong brand identity which we used on the page to maintain brand continuity. He can now effectively promote his services without relying on the dental practice he is working in. He has control of his own marketing, and potential patients are able to use this page to learn about his work and get in contact with him or the practices he works in directly.


The website features case studies with a comparison slider, testimonials, multiple location maps. The design is supported by his own brand identity, featuring a modern, clean look which displays information clearly and creates a fluid user experience.



Dr Pavandeep Khaira, Surrey


HTML, PHP, CSS, Photoshop