River Dental

Dental Website Design in Hampshire

river dental website design


River Dental located in the beautiful town of Stockbridge, Hampshire wanted an equally good looking web site that conveyed the quality of their business and location. Visiting the practice, it became apparent that the surrounding nature would need to take a starring role.


During meetings with the Practice Principal, Richard Budworth, we got to understand River Dental’s “Value Proposition” and so we set to work creating a dental website that mirrored the natural beauty of the local environment while keeping in mind the ethos of the dental practice.


Copy was written by our in-house copywriting team led by a dentist who can translate the technicalities, that dentists often communicate in, to “plain English”, concentrating on the value proposition to give a coherent message to the viewer of their dental business website.


Built on the WordPress platform the site offers Richard and his team the ability to edit and make changes should they wish. They also have a Blog area and the team are utilising this area to keep their website visitors updated and informed. They can also use the blog to post links on social media to encourage traffic to the website, further increasing their visibility online.



River Dental, Stockbridge


HTML, PHP, CSS, Copywriting, Photoshop