Looking in from your patient’s perspective

with Kevin Rose


If you have thought about or have been thinking that your dental practice needs something, then start by looking at it as your patients do, from their perspective, to understand what you need to do differently.


We will work with you to explore The 7 Essential Perspectives and provide you with useful and constructive feedback, as well as ideas that will benefit you, your business, your team and more importantly your patients.


At your dental practice

fixed price dental coaching in uk

3 month programme, £500 including VAT per month


This programme is not for the faint hearted. Our feedback will be honest and fair. Our advice will be practical and useful. Are you ready to experience something new, From Your Patient’s Perspective?

“Open, honest and direct advice, with proven methods, from a wealth of experience working with practices and their teams”

Ali Thompson, The Dental Barn

“Brilliant session guys. Thank you for taking the time to do this! So valuable”

Anoup Randra, Rock House Dental Practice

The 7 Essential Perspectives


What do your patient’s see?

An analysis of your building, patient areas and surgery layout, to experience it as they do and to see how even small improvements can make a big difference.

7 perspective dental course


How easy is it to become a patient?

Telephone, email and face to-face conversations will be explored and analysed. You never get a second chance to make a first impression, we will help you get it right first time.

7 perspectives dental practices


How easy is it to stay a patient?

It’s tempting to focus on new patients but we will also explore how to retain existing ones, patients that are loyal and motivated.

dental coaching course


Is your website working?

Understand how a functional and effective website can be an asset to your dental practice and help you attract and retain patients.

dental website design course


Is Your Blog working For You?

How do your patients interpret your Blog pages and what benefits do a well-written and professional Blog offer you and your patients.

7 perspectives dental blogging


Is Your Social Media Engaging?

Explore the facts behind the buzzwords and what your Social Media presence is and more importantly what it says about your dental practice.

dental social media course


Is Your Traditional Media Marketing Effective?

What messages and information are you communicating through ‘non-digital’ traditional media?

7 perspectives dental marketing

How do you participate?

ethical dental selling course

We understand that to provide us with access to your dental practice, that you will want to speak with us first and similarly we need to make sure that this programme is right for you.


That is why we suggest that the very first thing to do is to speak with us and we can take it from there.


We will  arrange to speak at a time that is convenient for you and we do understand that this may need to be in the evening or even at the weekend and in total confidence.


We will then finalise the extent of our analysis of your dental practice, including any particular areas that you believe may require extra focus, as well as dates for visits to your practice.

Once we have completed our analysis of The 7 Essential Perspectives you will receive the following:
  • Personal presentation of your From Your Patient’s Perspective report, with a full explanation of the results and suggestions for improvement.
  • Facilitated workshop with key decision makers within the practice to explore the report in detail and create an activity plan to implement changes.
  • Three months of further support by email, telephone and online meetings including 3 scheduled progress meetings.


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