Selling, Consent, Montgomery and The GDC

with Kevin Rose


For dental professionals that want to talk confidently about treatment options, money and have loyal and motivated patients in their chairs.


For you and the dentists in your team, that want to stay clear of the dental mis-selling time bomb. Like minded team members who recognise that you are in front line healthcare not healthsell.


In-house training for you and your team, on weekdays and Saturdays.

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£1400 including VAT for the whole team.


Because not every patient seems motivated, understands or even trusts why you are proposing the treatment, and we both care enough to want to do something about it.

Dental Communication for Teams

ethical dental selling course

What you will learn

Loyal and motivated patients are less likely to complain

Why is it that some dentists see as many as 90% or even 100% of their patients back in their chairs for further treatment and yet others don’t? Imagine if you knew what our delegates know and what you could do differently with that knowledge. We will help you to attract and retain both loyal and motivated patients.

What happens afterwards?

You and your team won’t be left on your own. We will arrange a group video conference to provide you with further support, help and ideas.

You are in healthcare not healthsell

There is a unique position of trust between you and your patients, which means that the experience of selling and being ’sold to’ can feel uncomfortable for everybody. We have been working with dentists and their teams since 2009 to find ways that will improve the results and outcomes for you and your patients, without the negative feelings that you may associate with sales and sales techniques.

What will you experience?
  • Understand why your patients behave the way that they do and how they make decisions about your proposed dental treatments.
  • Use language and language patterns that will help you explain things to your patients in ways that they understand and in their ‘language’.
  • Confidently gain commitment and talk about money.
  • Understand and apply GDC1.1 and follow the implied best practices of recent and significant legal cases.
  • Apply easy to use NLP techniques that will rapidly develop a relationship built upon trust.
What’s left out?
  • The need to close or handle objections
  • Sales techniques
  • The obligation to make your patients say ‘yes’ to you
  • Radical changes to the way that you communicate with your patients
  • Scripts or techniques to learn


dental selling course

“Your ideas and materials not only make sense, but over the last week we have put them to the test and they work. The time you spent with us to refine our patient discussions has enabled us to listen and engage more with the patients and to really improve our relationships with them, which in return has helped to build trust. Thanks Kevin for a super day!”

Vanessa Elwell, Dental Marketing Freelancer

“I have been looking for a communication course for over a year and I must say that Kevin and the course were excellent… book your places now!”

Ope Sodeinde, London Dental Specialists

“It is not often that Kevin ’tours’ the country offering this kind of support. I think this is really useful, and in particular for younger associates, looking to get on the right path and their heads on straight.”

Scott Phillips, Gentle Dental Centre, Darlington

“The absolute must to understand how patients think. This will help you express recommendations for treatments better, reduce the risk of miscommunication and associated problems”

Pav Khaira

“Brilliant – ethical! Will benefit patients hugely. I now have the right tools and concepts to speak in a way that patients can understand”

Hershal Shah

“I turned round 3 very nervous new patients who are all now going for big implant treatments, all by asking the patient questions, and most importantly listening and effectively engaging with them – A greatly recommended course!”

Steve Neal, Cotteswold House Dental Practice


“To me, this changes the game when it comes to dentists exploring how to communicate treatment to patients. It’s not about selling more fancy veneers or whitening, it’s about finding out what your patient really wants from you. This is what will keep out of trouble with the GDC. Selling is a dirty word in dentistry!”

Steve Hudson


Planning your workshop with us is easy. Simple click on the link with GoCardless.


This will set up a payment instruction that will then remain pending until we have both agreed the best date for your workshop with your team.

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kevin rose dental business coach

Kevin had approximately 19.25 happy years of leading, financing and developing small businesses before he got bored for around 7 months and 12 days, threw away his ties and decided to ‘do something’ about dentistry when he noticed that his dentist didn’t have a website, seemed to make up his prices and never smiled.


Having interviewed hundreds of small business owners and set up businesses from scratch, he has a width of perspective and a depth of experience that he has been sharing in dentistry since 2009.


He has been steadily building a loyal group of clients and guiding them away from the painful mistakes that he has seen other regulated professions make. Through inspiration, direction and experience, he helps his clients lead successful dental businesses, with engaged teams and chairs full of loyal patients.


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