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From Your Patient’s Perspective

From Your Patient’s Perspective
Why is it that some successful businesses see things from their customers point of view and yet most businesses don’t? Imagine if you knew what they know.

You might want to think about that question now, as we did to develop and grow your dental practice. The question became the foundation for a programme that we launched with A-Dec last year. The programme, From Your Patient’s Perspective, is designed to help you and your team identify ways that will help you attract and retain loyal and motivated patients, by seeing your practice as your patients do. Or to put it another way, as one participant put it:

“Thank you very much for organising and inviting me. It was a really useful workshop. Helped me kick my backside into gear!”

We promised that the feedback would be tough but fair and sure enough, there were plenty of participants who were surprised to find out that some of the basics weren’t in place, basics such as GDC compliant websites, emails not being answered, new patient phone calls offering no more than a ‘speaking website’ and online activities that were actually impeding Google SEO rankings.

Our intention was not to name and shame, but to highlight areas for improvement at all levels and provide both practical advice as well as the inspiration to make changes. We know that we achieved all of this, mainly because the participants told us so and we were having engaging conversations with everybody for a further hour after the workshop had finished.

The conversations dug a little deeper into The 7 Essential Perspectives and from the conversations I had and from the conversations that I know took place, participants were starting to piece together their own plans, things that they were able to implement straight away as well as bring into their own business, leadership and marketing strategies.

Base upon the feedback, our plan is now to offer this service to two more groups in 2018, both on site at the A-Dec showrooms.

Or, if you would sooner not wait and feel that you need to understand exactly what your patient’s perspective is and know how to make the most of this knowledge, we can provide you with your own three month From Your Patient’s Perspective development  programme at your premises.

Here’s a quick summary of the The 7 Essential Perspectives that we will provide you with for your practice;

1. What do you patients see?

An analysis of your building, patient areas and surgery layout, to experience it as they do and to see how even small improvements can make a big difference.

2.  How easy is it to become a patient?

Telephone, email and face to-face conversations will be explored and analysed. You never get a second chance to make a first impression, we will help you get it right first time.

3. How easy is it to stay a patient?

It’s tempting to focus on new patients but we will also explore how to retain existing ones, patients that are loyal and motivated.

4. Is your website working?

Understand how a functional and effective website can be an asset to your dental practice and help you attract and retain patients.

5. Is your Blog working for you?

How do your patients interpret your Blog pages and what benefits do a well-written and professional Blog offer you and your patients.

6.  Is your Social Media engaging?

Explore the facts behind the buzzwords and what your Social Media presence is and more importantly what it says about your dental Practice.

7. Is your traditional media marketing effective?

What messages and information are you communicating through ‘non-digital’ traditional media?


A big thank you to all dental practice business owners who attended the first From Your Patient’s Perspective workshop, we will be holding more events in the future. To register your interest in any future event simply fill in the form on the following page:

From Your Patient’s Perspective – Register Today

Or, to participate in your own 3 month From Your Patient’s Perspective development programme, follow this link to find out more.

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