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How do you connect with your patients, identify and attract new ones? Answering these questions, creating and implementing the most effective promotion and marketing strategies, all takes time, expertise and commitment. The true potential and growth of any business comes from your ability to communicate the value of what you can do for your customers. Until they perceive it to be of value, it is of no value.

You may have tried doing all of this yourself, or given the responsibility to a member of your team, but how often is this compromised by the day to day requirements of looking after your patients?

This is why ROSE & CO provides dental business marketing packages that will get the results that you want. We provide Web, Social, SEO and traditional marketing packages that are clearly priced and easy to understand. And, because no two dental businesses are the same, although our prices are fixed, we will work with you to create the most effective strategy, designed around your budget and outcomes.

Dental Website Design in Cheshire

Peelhouse Dental Care Website

Peelhouse Dental Care in Widnes Cheshire were in a state of flux with their previous website provider, having designed a site their provider had fallen by the wayside. We stepped in to assist Matt and his team, we started afresh to design and produce an eye-catching dental website to set them apart from the other private dental practices in the area.

The design of the website was inspired by the dental practice environment, it’s people and Matt’s “Value Proposition”. The team are very much to the fore using vibrant images and video of the team to convey a real sense of what Peelhouse Dental Care is all about.

The website is built on the WordPress CMS, and is therefore easy for Matt and his team to update pages and upload blogs to keep content fresh and search engine friendly. As with all Rose & Co. dental websites, it is responsive, allowing users to experience the site on all devices from a smart phone to a 27″ iMac.

All copy was produced in-house by our copywriter, who as a dentist, translates the dental technicalities into “simple english” for potential clients of Peelhouse Dental Care to understand and not get confused by medical jargon.

An important factor of the site is the inclusion of the blog so that Matt and his team can post news items and stories of interest which are then shared over Peelhouse Dental Care’s social media channels to drive traffic back to the site.

The Peelhouse Dental Care website has also benefited from our initial SEO package which has lead to the site ranking on search engines within weeks and not months.

Peelhouse Dental Care, Widnes

HTML, PHP, CSS, Copywriting, Photoshop, On Site Photography

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