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How do you connect with your patients, identify and attract new ones? Answering these questions, creating and implementing the most effective promotion and marketing strategies, all takes time, expertise and commitment. The true potential and growth of any business comes from your ability to communicate the value of what you can do for your customers. Until they perceive it to be of value, it is of no value.

You may have tried doing all of this yourself, or given the responsibility to a member of your team, but how often is this compromised by the day to day requirements of looking after your patients?

This is why ROSE & CO provides dental business marketing packages that will get the results that you want. We provide Web, Social, SEO and traditional marketing packages that are clearly priced and easy to understand. And, because no two dental businesses are the same, although our prices are fixed, we will work with you to create the most effective strategy, designed around your budget and outcomes.

Dental Website Design in Manchester

Heaton Moor Dental

Experienced dental practice owners Dr Vyas and Dr Sekhon approached Kevin to produce a new dental practice website for their new private venture in Heaton Moor, Stockport. With a tight schedule to get the doors open we were required to build in three stages, holding pages, website “lite”, and then fully functioning website.

Kevin worked closely with Vab & Bal to put together the brief so that Andy & Jan, along with their team could produce this outstanding, fresh and unique website. The vision of the dentists was realised through further discussions, on-site, with Andy. After further visits and evolution of ideas we created a fresh modern site that ready for future development and growth.

The location of the dental practice has a huge impact on the styling of the site with subtle cues within the colour palette as to the Victorian origins of the property and the tree lined roads of Heaton Moor, along with a not so subtle landing page utilising a video background, we have managed to produce a website worthy of the private dental practice that Vab & Bal are building.

As with our other dental practice websites, the structure is based upon the WordPress CMS allowing minor updates to be carried out by both the dental practice owners, whilst allowing a solid base for SEO and promotion of the business through their Social Media channels. This platform also allows us to create responsive mobile friendly dental websites that look good on every screen size.

As with all of our websites we always promote the use of a blog to provide fresh content and help with the sites SEO health.

Once the site was launched, or “born” using Kevin’s terminology, we have been constantly updating and making minor changes as the practice owner’s thoughts, ideas and business direction evolves.

Heaton Moor Dental, Stockport

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