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1 to 1 Social media training for dental practices

Many dentists would like to have an active and engaging Social Media presence but are unsure of the best ways to achieve this. For dentists, getting the tone and content right can make a huge difference and that’s why we provide 1 to 1 (not 1 to many) Social Media training. Our team have years of experience handling dental marketing and dental Social Media. We will teach you how to build trust with your audience and turn your Social Media into a valuable marketing platform.

Social Media Training

3 Month Training Programme


fixed price including VAT

The Social Media Challenge

You want to get your dental business active on Social Media but you’re not sure where to start. You’re concerned about letting someone manage your Social Media  for you. You have a team member who could manage your Social Media marketing but you need to be confident that they will get it right.


If this is your dilemma then solve it with our three month dental Social Media training programme.

What you will learn


Finding your Voice
  • Identifying your USP’s
  • Finding the right tone
  • Identifying your target audience
  • Reputation management
  • Personalising your accounts
  • Developing your strategy


Content Creation
  • How to build trust with your audience
  • Tools for creating great visuals
  • Brand consistency
  • Post scheduling platforms
  • Creating events


Reach & Engagement
  • Understand your analytics
  • Using hashtags
  • Best times to post
  • Interaction

Take your Social Media to the next level

The Process

Getting to know you

The first stage involves getting to know you! What is your dental practice really about? It’s unique selling points, the practice ethos – we take time to really understand you and from there we can develop a strategy to promote your practice to the right patients.

Research & Strategy

Next we will figure out who your target audience is, what your competitors looks like. With this information we can develop a strategy to position your dental brand exactly where it needs to be to generate loyal patients.

Creating Unique Content

We will use our skills and experience to create unique content that we know will stand out from the crowd and generate engagement.

We will create a bank of relevant photography assets which can be implemented to create a consistent and steady stream of posts.

Scheduling & Posting

While we like to share the most up to date updates and info for your dental practice, having scheduled posts in advance allows us to create a steady stream of content even in weeks when not much is happening. We use the best scheduling software to make posts in advance, allowing you to see the visual and layout of feeds.


While your practice’s eye catching posts are going out, we will also be engaging with your followers, responding to comments, following relevant people and liking others posts.


We will provide monthly reporting via an infographic video, with the opportunity to arrange a face to face catch up as well. We use these reports and analytical data to assess how well the strategy is working and make adjustments if necessary.

This is us

Kevin Rose

Kevin Rose

I set up Rose & Co. in 2009 from my kitchen table when my best mate (and dentist) asked me to ‘fix’ his dental practice. With what I have learned since then and the community of dental practice owners that I am proud to work with, we are building better dental businesses.
Andy Taplin

Andy Taplin

Andy designs things and he’s always been a bit of digital nerd. You name it, he’s probably built a website for it. He will hold your hand throughout and wave a magic wand over the digital, technical and SEO stuff.
Jan Clarke

Jan Clarke

She’s owned a dental practice and gets dentistry. Jan will bring your dental practice to life with words and copy that will work, reflect your values and keep you out of trouble with compliance and regulation.




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