dental leadership event



Dhru Shah has kindly invited me to talk this week about one of the ongoing problems that dentists have with their teams…getting them to understand what the heck it is you are really trying to achieve!

You’ve sensed it from time to time, that sweet spot when everybody just seems to get it and blimey it just makes life so much easier, for everybody!

The irony is that the “invitation” (a Whatsapp message) and the compelling feeling that I had right there in that exact moment to get involved and help, is a live and real world example of what Dhru wants me to explore with the members of his Tubules Business Club!

We all get the idea that there has to be some kind of shared vision, a sense of purpose or frankly whatever you want to call it, but exactly what do you do once you’ve made the presentation…cross your fingers and head back to the surgery safe zone?

The inspiration for me to talk about this big problem for leaders in dental practices, comes from knowing Dhru for 10 years. His vision is way bigger than CPD and courses. His vision is clear, compelling, authentic and believable. But Dhru has never needed me to recite his vision like some kind of Tubules pledge of allegiance, in fact I don’t even think he’s ever personally needed to fully explain it to me.

Instead, he lives it and his behaviours are shaped by it. Great leaders know that getting the ‘right people in the right seats’ as soon as possible is a skill that you have to work on. He’s been getting that right for 10 years and that’s why his team get it.