Dental Leadership Development with Club Connect

Leadership & Business Development for Dentists


Are you a dental practice owner, associate, hygienist or therapist that would like to see more people attend the dentist regularly?

If you are, then you could become a member of Club Connect for 2017 and join our leadership and business development programme.

An overview of what’s included:

  • Accountability, insights, ideas, systems and structures that have been proven and tested to grow both general, specialist and referral dental practices.

This is what we have left out:

  • Tick box solutions, pages of spreadsheets, how to ‘up-sell’ and chase the money, role plays and moaning.

We are looking for a broad mix of experiences in the group.  You may currently own, have owned or are planning to own a dental practice. What is most important is that you want to develop you and your business skills and like us, encourage more people to attend the dentist regularly.

This is a 12 month programme, it won’t be for everybody but if you would like to explore if and how it’s right for you then please follow this link on our website.