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With Kevin Rose

14th April 2017 – Jurys Inn Hinckley Island

This intensive one day workshop is designed to help you, either as an associate or a practice owner to deliver your maximum potential as a dentist. It will help you discover how your values and true purpose as a healthcare professional will lead you to attract and retain loyal patients, patients that are motivated to proceed with the treatment plans that they want and that you have recommended.

We will explore how you can differentiate both you and your dental practice in ways that you will feel comfortable with, ways that are time honoured and proven throughout all Rose & Co clients and inspired by our many years of observing and understanding businesses that have remained consistently successful.

You will learn from our extensive research into leadership within dentistry and discover what the greatest dental business leaders do differently.

For dental business owners, associates and those thinking about setting up a dental business in the future, this is your perfect opportunity to think about what is really important and necessary for you to know, way before those spreadsheets and business plans.

1-Day Workshop, places limited to 8 – £350 per person including VAT

Career Development For Dentists

You will learn from the observations, lessons and research gained from or Club Connect members and coaching clients.

We will be going way beyond selling, scripts, setting goals, SMART objectives and “to do lists”.  We will help you in the real world, where things happen but that with the right grounding, strategy and purpose, you won’t need to just rely upon hope in order to be successful. We will take some of the most common issues that we face when we meet with ambitious associates and dental business owners and explore them from different angles and perspectives, including:

What are the key ‘business things’ that were left out at Dental School?

How do I take my practice to the next level?

I want to get off the treadmill and do more private work but don’t want to turn into a salesperson.

How do I get my team to just get on with it?

How can I lead and grow my business and do the dentistry at the same time?

Our approach to dental business, leadership, marketing and patient communication has been extensively explored and tested. It is grounded in and inspired by key lessons from outside of dentistry and will provide you with a successful structure that will increase your performance and productivity.


“I didn’t actually know what this was about when I booked it, I had just heard good things. It was the tipping point for me and as a direct result I am now on my way to buying my first practice.”

Scott Phillips

“Rosey has a unique way of getting the best out of the people that he works with. This workshop is for anybody that feels they need a kick up the backside with their career”

Harry Singh

“Somewhere in between a day with Tony Robbins and a marketing masterclass. Inspirational. I attended in January 2016 and it was a turning point in my career, resulting in so many positive changes in me, my dentistry and my well-being”

Affan Saghir


Confirming your place and making payment is simple and online using this link to set a one off Direct Debit payment. We will not ask for authority to collect further payments from your bank account. You will receive an invoice from us. Payment is protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee.

We will then be in touch very shortly to confirm final arrangements with you.

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Kevin had approximately 19.25 happy years of leading, financing and developing small businesses before he got bored for around 7 months and 12 days, threw away his ties and decided to ‘do something’ about dentistry when he noticed that his dentist didn’t have a website, seemed to make up his prices and never smiled.

Having interviewed hundreds of small business owners and set up businesses from scratch, he has a width of perspective and a depth of experience that he has been sharing in dentistry since 2006.

He has been steadily building a loyal group of clients and guiding them away from the painful mistakes that he has seen other regulated professions make. Through inspiration, direction and experience, he helps his clients lead successful dental businesses, with engaged teams and chairs full of loyal patients.

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