"The first thing to recognise is that just like we all tend to invest in clinical courses in order to improve our skills, doing the same for your business does not mean that you have failed. This is not about taking you and your business to A&E because it’s broken, it’s more like taking you and your business to a boot camp to get fitter and stronger. CLUB CONNECT adds so much to your thought process. The members ask questions and come up with solutions that I would have never thought of."


MODUS Advanced Dental Clinic

CLUB CONNECT member since 2011


"Kevin Rose has supported me throughout my transition from associate to partner during a time when I just needed to be able to bounce ideas off somebody who was impartial in the purchase transaction. This has helped me stay focussed on the things that really matter. We worked together from a very early stage to create a business plan with sensible milestones along the way. Being a member of CLUB CONNECT during this time has also given me the significant advantage of having access to a confidential group of dental business owners, where I have been able to learn from their successes and experiences."


Barrington Dental Care

CLUB CONNECT member since 2013


"Recommended to me initially by my bank, Kevin Rose bridged the gap between my passion for buying my first practice and the practicalities of actually making it happen. Subsequently we have together worked extensively with my team and improved all areas of the business, including profitability. CLUB CONNECT has helped me develop my skills as a business leader, where I get impartial advice and the opportunity to really dig deeply into what is going on in my business. I simply don't have the time or the discipline to do this anywhere else."


Mid-Wessex Orthodontics

CLUB CONNECT member since 2013


"When you are running a dental business and have the day job of actually doing dentistry, it's so easy to get into a rut. Working with Kevin Rose and being a member of CLUB CONNECT has helped me to push myself and achieve far more than I would have previously thought. I now have the dental practice that I have always wanted and it is full of patients and a team that I am truly proud of."


River Dental

CLUB CONNECT member since 2013


"I have been working with Kevin Rose since 2009 and during that time I have doubled the size of my dental practice despite some very challenging economic conditions. To do that I needed a push, plenty of encouragement and some impartial advice."



Thackeray Dental Care

CLUB CONNECT member since 2010
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